To recruit better, you will achieve better financial results. Let us tell you how you can achieve more profitability through better recruitment. We provide you with a modern and objective method and tools that will help you make more successful recruitments. You will be able to identify higher achievers, gain deeper insight into the candidates’ strengths and development needs and – last but not least – you will also gain diversity!

We are in a shift right now. The old form of organization with clear blocks in the triangular organization chart crack. Digitization, demographic change and the new generations in the labour market requires new ways of working. Employees must be able to take on new roles, depending on the task to be solved for the moment. They need to take on different roles in different teams – which means new demands on today’s and future employees. Most managers are likely to have experience in both good and bad recruitments and many can wonder how different the outcome of recruitments can give – but have analysed the results in clear figures?

Research has shown that ill-conceived recruitment methods results in that 1 in 10 recruitments failing. With modern and objective recruitment methods 49 of 50 recruitments are successful.

We can help you achieve the best results through a well thought out, more business-like recruitment process – all in all recruitment in a modern way like it should be.

Our offer

In one or more full days training you will learn what modern competency based, and business-related recruitment really is. How it works and how it can be set up and measured. We will extend your knowledge about interviews, tests, analyses or the entire recruitment processes.

Here is a selection of what you can get from our training:

  • First and foremost – the recruitment of more skilled employees
  • Ability to better distinguish high performers from low performers
  • Higher hit rate, more successful recruits
  • Fewer failed recruitments
  • Ability to achieve much deeper insight into candidates’ strengths and development needs
  • Significantly more structured interviewing technique, goal-focused on the task to be performed
  • Clear definition of what competence is and how it can be measured
  • A more objective way of recruiting that leads to diversity

We are experts on business-related personal assessment and competence-based recruitment. We have successfully trained hundreds of HR and recruitment professionals as well as novices in how to achieve better recruitment decisions by using: structured methods, tools and measurable elements in recruitment processes. We are happy to share our knowledge based on theory, simulations, exercises and workshops.

Here is a selection of what we can train you in:

  • Modern, business-linked and competence-based recruitment – the basics.
  • Interview technique for recruiters
  • Interview technique for line managers
  • Tests and analyses in the recruitment processes – mechanical recruitment

We offer general education as well as tailor-made training based on your specific needs.

Knowledge is power

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We are happy to talk about how we can help you become a recruitment professional!

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