Why Stardust Search?

We understand the challenges of the new era and the importance of recruiting people who can lead businesses in tact with the changes that take place in our environment.

We live in an unpredictable world that requires new types of leaders who understand organizations, operations and employees of the future. This requires us in the Executive Search Industry to not only seek people with the right skills and experience, without putting increasing focus on the candidate’s ability and motivation to adapt to the constant and rapid changes taking place in business and the world around us.

“To meet the challenges of the future, we as search companies must adapt and meet the needs of the customers and candidates”

Stardust Search we are the new age search companies because we will ensure that we understand our client’s corporate culture in depth to:

  • We ensure that we understand our customer’s corporate culture in depth to match the right candidates and contribute with long-term recruitment solutions.
  • We represent the client’s employer branding throughout the recruitment process from: Examining the customer’s brand to marketing their services and products. Our search methods utilize the digital possibilities as is constantly being developed and updated.
  • We work with competence-based interviewing techniques and implement accurate reference and background control.
  • We are convinced that modern tests / assessments are needed to ensure objectivity and diversity.
  • We act as advisors and have the privilege of working closely with our sister companies in the Stardust Group that hold leading expertise in various areas of Talent Management.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will bemore than happy tell you more about what makes us the most modern and innovative Search Company in our industry!


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Part of the Stardustgroup



Social media and databases with good accessibility and many job sites mean that it is relatively easy to find candidates today. This means that there is an abundance of players in the recruitment market. In order to make the right selection, it is about understanding the customer’s real needs in depth and therefore the challenge is not only to find candidates but also to awaken the commitment of the candidates. For that equation to go together, professional skills and the use of the right tools are required and the right channel at the right time.


Talent shortage

The screwed appearance of the population pyramid has created a talent shortage on the market and today and it is to be said that ‘the war of talents’ is seriously happening at this moment of time. This means that the need to identify the right employees for each role becomes even more important. It is not enough to find the “nice” employees, we must use competence-based, credible processes to find long-term solutions for both the customer and the candidate.


Future organisations

With new generations new types of organizations are also emerging. Future organizations will probably not be pyramid-shaped but based on self-governing teams in various forms. The competence supply must also reflect the future and it´s activities.

Part of the Stardustgroup

Stardust Search is part of the Stardust group. Together with our sister company we offer the entire chain within Talent Management. From the production and implementation of HR strategies to reliable assessment tools, leadership development and communication skills within employer branding. Read more about the Stardustgroup here.

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